Steel Fabricators UK | Latham Engineering

Our service covers the entire range of welding procedures including TIG, MIG, ARC, Brazing & Spot welding

Using the latest state of the art 175 AMP - 650 AMP synergic mig welding sets/Tig welding sets, A friendly first class service in all aspects of mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium fabrication.

Offering a complete service, designing your project, using 3D Drawing Packages to aid design / manufacture of any project small or large. Laser cut profiles, folded, pressed, punched, rolled, welded, and fabricated.

Brackets, Trims, Cappings, Flashings, Manifolds, Case work, Covers, Tanks, Conveyors, Bespoke, Hand Made Items, Prototypes, Small & Large Batch works, Various Catering Equipment. Frame works, Tables, Stands, Shelters, Canopies, Gates, Railings, Grills, Stairs, Bollard